R ONE Series

R ONE Series

The R ONE Series rescue boat has been the name in specialized boats for water rescue, dive, special ops, and firefighting.
R ONE Series

R ONE i Series

The R ONE i Series inflatables are the perfect companion to our aluminum boats or a valuable tool by themselves.
Mission Gear

Mission Gear

At ONE Boat, we offer a variety of specialized, high-quality products to augment your water rescue needs.




The R ONE Series Rescue Boats have wide bottoms that prevent rocking and a non-skid flat floor that provides occupants with extra balance and stability. Raised flooring keeps feet dry to prevent slipping. Hundreds of cubic inches of foam make the boat extra buoyant even in a swamped situation and virtually unsinkable.



Many boats that are currently used to perform dive operations are hard to work in without gear much less with gear. The R ONE Series Rescue Boat provides ample room to take on and off gear as well as a fold out platform that is connected to the bow of the boat that creates a shelf below the surface of the water. This enables the diver to easily and safely step in and out of the water and for other responders to retrieve gear or other objects from the water surface.



Rather than buying a special fire boat with a built in fire pump, R ONE Series Rescue Boats have removable fire pumps that can convert a rescue boat into a firefighting boat in minutes. For agencies with recreational boaters and marinas on its waterways, the ability to fight fires and save lives and property on the water is critical. With the purchase of a multifunction boat, it now gives us the ability to perform this service to the community.



During large water based missions, there is often a need for multi-unit response. It would be extremely beneficial for multiple response watercraft from different agencies to be able to connect and work together as a single unit rather than dispersed and autonomous.



Many departments have inflatable boats that are susceptible to tears and punctures. It is common for the department to respond to locations where elements exist that can damage inflatables. When this damage occurs during a water response operation this jeopardizes the lives of the responders as well as the victims. The R ONE Series Rescue Boat’s all welded aluminum construction are much more durable enabling the responders to not worry about the conditions and focus on the mission.



Many water response situations require operations in shallow or variable depth waters. Our R ONE Series and R ONE i Series Rescue Boats have flat bottoms and only draw inches of water. These boats are able to respond to locations traditional watercraft are unable to reach.



In times of budgetary constraints, it is in the best interest of departments to expend capital funds and grant funding on equipment that serves multiple purposes and align with Department of Homeland Security initiatives such as interoperability. R ONE Series Rescue Boats can be used for swift and still water rescue, dive and surface evidence and body recovery, and firefighting operations all the while being able to connect to other responding agencies to create stable, safe working platforms in the water.