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ONE Boat Rescue Boats is a leading provider of multi-use, interoperable boats for the fire, rescue, and law enforcement community. ONE Boat R ONE Series rescue boats have a special design that allows them to connect to any other R ONE Series boat in the world. This unique capability enables endless possibilities and practical applications. Whether it is connecting boats end to end to form a large platform on which to perform dragging operations or in a “T” configuration to perform heavy rescue or recovery missions, R ONE Series boats provide the most versatile water missions platform on the market.

ONE Boat’s primary goal in developing rescue boats is safety. We realized fire/rescue and law enforcement personnel performing water based missions needed to focus on performing that mission rather than having to worry about the boat they were working from keeping them safe and effective. Based on this sole purpose, ONE Boat developed a single boat that was ultra stable and could stand up to extreme stress and load. We knew that if multiple boats of this specification could be connected together, the capacity and stability of the working platform would increase exponentially.

As public safety personnel needs grew, so did ONE Boat. We now offer a retractable dive platform for effective and safe dive missions and portable fire pump that turns the R ONE Series rescue boat into a fire boat

Today, the ONE Boat R ONE Series rescue boat is the most versatile and affordable fire/rescue and law enforcement boat on the market.






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